Welcome to Hewitt Fitness

The Hewitt Fitness Equipment experience is unique.

We are a niche UK based wholesale company dedicated to supplying quality fitness accessories to those in the fitness world.
Whether you are a large fitness brand or a single personal trainer, we can accommodate your needs.
We specialise in high quality resistance bands and exercise mats, bespoke to your needs.

We have three guiding principles   -   Quality, Value, Service.
We have one key guiding message   -   Stay safe.

Our Products

As we are a bespoke wholesaler, we are able to supply any quantity required (sub minimum order requirements).

Guiding Principles

is key.

If it's well made, it won’t cause you problems.

We don’t like problems!

is critical.

If you supply a quality product at a fair price, people will buy it.

We want to sell stuff!

is rewarding.

If you provide great service, you can sleep easy.

We like our sleep!

Quality. Value. Service.

Contact Us

We need you to contact us, please, because if you don’t, we’ll have to do another exercise class!

+44 (0) 7738 662 484 - It’s a mobile number, so you can always get hold of us!
www.hewittfitness.com - You already know that, because you are here!
chris@hewittfitness.com - You are straight to the boss, not to “info”!
  • Christopher Hewitt
  • Chris Hewitt
    Co-Founder & Managing Director

  • Isobel Hewitt
  • Isobel Hewitt
    Co-Founder & Director